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About us

Since 1992 Technical Touch has been the official worldwide OEM distributor for KYB motorcycle suspension products.

KYB is an OEM manufacturer that offers suspension components with the highest grade of Japanese quality. In contrary to aftermarket products, KYB Genuine Parts are specifically designed for OEM fitments and therefore have to meet the highest grade of production standards.

KYB is being distributed by Technical Touch from a European branch located in Belgium and from a US branch in California.

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Technical Touch stands synonymous with unparalleled quality in the racing world. Each product is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, crafted with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology. Our offerings, ranging from high-performance suspension systems to advanced racing components, are designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional racing. Reliability, durability, and superior performance are the hallmarks of our brand, ensuring that every racer who chooses Technical Touch gains a tangible competitive edge. Whether navigating a challenging track or pushing for a new personal best, our products consistently deliver top-tier results, cementing Technical Touch as a trusted name in the racing community.

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